About us

What makes us different from other B&B sites?  We focus on teaching other B&B owners how to get guests.  We believe marketing is the key to running a B&B.  Other people might focus on finding a B&B, what to serve for breakfast, writing a business plan, etc.  We believe these things are important but the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT thing is to get guests.

Who is Bed and Breakfast Business.org? My name is Andrea and I own a bed and breakfast called Bailey’s Uptown Inn. I have been an innkeeper for almost 10 years and I opened the Inn when I was in my early thirties. I decided early in life (compared to most innkeepers) that I wanted to run a bed and breakfast rather than doing what I was doing – banking.

The reason I created bedandbreakfastbusiness.org was because when I was looking at opening a bed and breakfast I didn’t find a good source of information for how to open a B&B and make it profitable. I didn’t want to do the bed and breakfast as my retirement job or hobby I wanted to make a living off of it. Now I want to show others what I have learned about how you can make a living off your bed and breakfast so you don’t have to wait to do it “someday”.

My husband, who I met after I opened my bed and breakfast, has a completely different background. He has a number of e-commerce sites that relate to his interests – gardening and yoyoing (just to name two). He has a journalism background and is really good at making the internet work for him. He has helped me over the years with marketing my bed and breakfast on the internet.

The reason he wanted to start bedandbreakfastbusiness.org is because he wanted to share with others the same thing he shared with me: you don’t have to spend big bucks to build a web site that you can update yourself. It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune building your site or even better at bringing guests to your bed and breakfast, which is your ultimate goal. He has redesigned my site where I can make changes to it and update it easily myself.

Collectively we wanted to build a company that could help other innkeepers learn the necessary tools to find guests without having to go to a course or attend a potentially expensive conference (which I did).